Kuljet is a happy little language for writing database-backed HTML applications. Its type checking and integration with relational databases should help you whip up prototypes in no time.

It aims to answer the question "What if a Haskeller designed PHP?" despite nobody having asked it.


Hello World

serve get / = "Hello World!"

Database/HTML Example

table notes { note: text }

serve get / =
  <html> (<ul> (notes -> <li> note))

Current State

Kuljet is still a work in progress. Expect it to change dramatically.

It can be used for very simple HTML apps, but there will likely be a lot of missing functionality and bugs.

Kuljet has a high potential for performance, but no effort has been put towards this goal yet. Favourable benchmarks are coincidental.

What Next?

Take a look at more examples such as A Simple Chat Server.

If you'd like to start writing Kuljet, read the installation instructions and start looking through the guides.